What is a refrigerated air dryer for


The refrigerated dryer is the freeze dryer, which has two main functions: one is to reduce the temperature of the compressed air, because the temperature of the compressed air is very high, the refrigerated dryer can just play the role of cooling, and the main function of the filter is Filters solid particles in compressed air. The other is to remove the contained water vapor, because it will be used for equipment later, if it is not cooled and dried, it will cause certain damage to the equipment.

The function of the dryer is not only drying equipment, but also freezing equipment, so the use space in use has also become larger. For example, the entire air is compressed in the process. In this case, it can also be used in environments where compressed air is required. In addition, the air can be filtered during the process. In this case, the whole air can be frozen and dried to improve the cleanliness. The dryer is the abbreviation of the freeze dryer. The dryer introduces new technology and is a gas source treatment machine in the pneumatic system. Use the heat exchange between refrigerant and compressed air to reduce the temperature of compressed air to a dew point temperature of 2~10.

Because the function of the freeze dryer has its own particularity, its application industry also has its own versatility and can be applied in many industries. For example, in the petrochemical industry, when dealing with many petrochemicals, there are many requirements such as the dryness and pressure of the whole air, so it can be adapted in this respect. In addition, the entire electronics industry also has a good application space. In addition, in food, light industry and other industries, there is still room for its application

The dryer is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidification, and the evaporator is forced to exchange heat with the compressed air to reduce the temperature, and the gas water and oil in the compressed air are isostatically cooled, condensed into liquid water and oil, and dust is involved, and through automatic drainage The dryer is discharged to the outside of the system, so that the clean compressed air enters the dryer. The compressed air first enters the heat exchanger for cooling, and the moisture and oil separated in the pre-cooled compressed air are discharged through the separator. After that, the air enters the evaporator. In this way, the air is further cooled to 2-5, and the air contains gas moisture, oil, etc. are further precipitated due to the temperature drop, and are discharged through the separator.

The cooled air enters the heat exchanger again and heats the output. In the process of compressed air cooling, the role of the cooler is to cool the input gas into a liquid, then filter the refrigerant, dry it and send it to the capillary or automatic expansion valve, so that the refrigerant becomes a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid and is output to the evaporator . When the refrigerant enters the evaporator to cool the air, it absorbs the heat of the compressed air and converts it into gas, which is compressed by the compressor and then enters the evaporator, repeating the above heat exchange process.

The main function of the freeze dryer is to remove the moisture in the compressed air to ensure the stability of production. Compressed air needs to pass through piping to reach pneumatic components and pneumatic terminals during production, but compressed air usually contains impurities such as water, oil, and dust, which originate from the air. Therefore, in order to purify the impurities in the compressed air, it is necessary to configure compressed air purification equipment (also known as air compressor post-processing equipment), and the freeze dryer is the equipment used to remove moisture. There are two types of compressor dryers commonly used in the market, referred to as freeze dryers (referred to as refrigerated dryers) and adsorption dryers). The freeze dryer cools and removes water through freezing technology, and the adsorption dryer uses adsorbent materials to absorb moisture in the compressed air for drying.

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