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Lingyu Machinery is a main producer and provider of refrigerated air dryers and desiccant air dryers primarily based totally in China. With over 10 years of revel in withinside the enterprise, the corporation has constructed a popularity for offering exquisite merchandise and outstanding customer support to customers across the world.

The corporation`s product line consists of a extensive variety of air dryers appropriate for numerous programs in industries together with pharmaceuticals, meals and beverage, electronics, automotive, and more. Lingyu Machinery's refrigerated air dryers are designed to take away moisture from compressed air via a cooling process, at the same time as the desiccant air dryers use a desiccant fabric to soak up moisture from the air. Both varieties of air dryers are to be had in extraordinary sizes and capacities to fulfill the particular wishes of every customer.

Lingyu Machinery's dedication to fine is clear withinside the rigorous checking out and inspection techniques that its merchandise go through earlier than they go away the factory. The corporation makes use of superior production strategies and top-fine substances to make sure that its air dryers are constructed to ultimate and perform efficiently. Additionally, Lingyu Machinery's group of skilled engineers and technicians are constantly to be had to offer technical guide and help to clients, ensuring that their system is functioning optimally.

Apart from production air dryers, Lingyu Machinery additionally gives custom designed answers to fulfill the specific necessities of its clients. The corporation works intently with its customers to recognize their particular wishes and layout answers which might be tailor-made to their man or woman necessities.

In addition to its dedication to fine, Lingyu Machinery additionally locations a robust emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The corporation's merchandise are designed to be electricity-green and environmentally friendly, supporting clients lessen their carbon footprint and electricity costs.

Overall, Lingyu Machinery is a dependable and sincere provider of air dryers, providing exquisite merchandise, custom designed answers, and outstanding customer support. With its dedication to innovation and sustainability, Lingyu Machinery is well-placed to maintain its boom and fulfillment withinside the enterprise for years to come.


The refrigerated dryer is the freeze dryer, which has two main functions: one is to reduce the temperature of the compressed air, because the temperature of the compressed air is very high, the refrigerated dryer can just play the role of cooling, and the main function of the filter is Filters solid particles in compressed air. The other is to...

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About Lingyu

Zhongshan Lingyu makes a speciality of custom designed compressed air treatment. We had been on this enterprise for over 10 years. Lingyu has wealthy revel in in manufacturing and customization. Our most important product is air compressor dryer. It includs refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer and filters. The strain dew factor of our refrigerated dryer can attain 3~10oC. And adsorption dryer dew factor has a number of options. It`s such as -20°C, -40°C and -70°C.


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